BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN — About 57 percent of households in Brunei have opted to fill out the Population and Housing Census (BPP) 2021 online, according to the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS).

Some 47,000 households will use e-Census to complete the questionnaire, DEPS Director-general Hjh Mariah Hj Yahya said on Saturday.

The e-Census system was introduced this year to make it easier for the public to fill in their information online.

The department began the e-Census in the second stage of BPP 2021 on April 20. The first of three stages took place from January to February.

Speaking during the launch of the e-Census clinic, Hjh Mariah Hj Yahya said the online portal will reduce the number of families who need to undergo face-to-face interviews at their homes in the third stage.

Public cooperation is essential to achieve a high participation rate, she added.

DEPS is organising the e-Census clinic to assist Ministry of Finance and Economy staff and the public in using the portal at the ministry from May 8-12.

The e-Census clinic will also be extended to other ministries and other locations in the four districts.

Heads of families who have chosen to fill out the census online were urged to register and fill out the questionnaire by June 21.

Data collected through the census will provide details on Brunei’s population by various demographic, social and economic characteristics.

The BPP census is conducted every 10 years to provide a new benchmark for Brunei’s population and housing profile, and helps shape public policy on education, healthcare, housing, land use and transport.

Under the Census Act, it is mandatory for the public to answer the census questionnaire and all individual information shall be kept confidential.

Any enquiries on BPP 2021 or the e-Census system can be directed to DEPS via its hotlines — 8382021/8382022 (Brunei Muara), 8382023 (Belait), 8382024 (Tutong) and 8382025 (Temburong).

Members of the public can also contact Darussalam Line 123 or 2230265 and 2230250 during office hours, or via email.