Malaysia’s famous AvocBar is now in Brunei, offering a wide selection of wholesome meals perfect for anyone wanting to live that health-conscious lifestyle.

The café franchise opened its doors on Friday, located on the ground floor of the Higher Point Building in Kiulap, just below the Boss Gym.

Dragon Avocado Milk: a refreshing drink from AvocBar. Photo: The Scoop

Food that loves you back

AvocBar is on a mission to make your taste buds dance with delight, all while keeping calories low. 

“As gym-goers, we found it difficult to find a restaurant that offers healthy meals,” said co-owner Kenny Tchung, who opened up the café with partner Abd Wahab Fadillah.

“We get it – finding healthy food that’s not boring can be tough… When we say healthy, it’s not just the ‘greens’ that amplify it as a good dish but rather, its nutritional value and content,” added Tchung.

Dive into goodness with AvocBar’s healthy rice bowl set featuring smoked duck, tempeh and sauteed veggie delights. Photo: The Scoop

Abd Wahab shared his own story, highlighting AvocBar’s motto “You Are What You Eat.”

He said his weight loss journey was a tough challenge, especially after failing a medical test.

“Eating clean was very important and it played a fundamental role in my aspiration to be healthy after failing a medical test.

“I knew I had to get my health back on track. However, exercising was not enough. Eating right was the key to my goal. Once I started eating clean, I started seeing positive results.””

“From these challenges, we brought in AvocBar with the hopes it can help others as well,” Abd Wahab added. 

AvocBar’s perfect pairing. Indulge in the cafe’s Ketolicious Chicken and Avocado Signature Salad. Photo: The Scoop

The secret behind AvocBar’s yumminess? They pick only the best ingredients for your body.

Low GI, Keto-friendly – they have all these dietary restrictions covered, and AvocBar also washes their fruit and veg in a special water treatment with Kangen to make sure they’re super fresh.

If you’re a Boss Gym member, the personal trainers there can also help design meal plans to match your fitness goals.

Unleash the gamer in you

After a nourishing meal at AvocBar, why not continue the adventure? Head over to Maxgame to fuel your passion for gaming.

Hailing from Malaysia, Maxgame is proud to announce the grand opening of its brand new branch at Higher Point Kiulap, right next door to AvocBar. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of endless gaming excitement!

Maxgame, located at Higher Point Building in Kiulap. Photo: The Scoop
Maxgame also offers a vast array of video games accessories. Photo: The Scoop

When you step into Maxgame, you’re not just a customer – you’re a fellow gamer. No matter your age or preferences, their expert staff will provide tailored recommendations to enhance your gaming experience.

Maxgame offers a vast array of video games, figurines, Gundam models, Lego sets, TCG (Trading Card Games), and an extensive collection of official merchandise. 

Follow AvocBar and Maxgame on Instagram for the latest news and promotions. Both businesses are located on the ground floor of the Higher Point Building, Block B, Spg 88, Kg Kiulap.