BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Brunei’s telecom industry has launched a nationwide programme to raise fixed broadband speeds to at least 50Mbps for all subscribers beginning September 1.

The joint initiative led by telcos DST, imagine and Progresif aims to elevate Brunei’s internet speeds to global standards, achieving “meaningful digital connectivity”, the companies said in a press statement Thursday.

The move is aligned with the government’s Digital Economy Masterplan and its aim to transform the country into a “Smart Nation”.

Currently Brunei’s median fixed broadband speed ranks 99th globally.

Telco companies have already begun to inform subscribers of changes to existing plans, which will mean faster speeds at no extra cost.

“The new broadband uplift gives us the opportunity to introduce a bigger, better, faster, and stronger broadband product suite to our customers,” said Abby Chu, head of Product and Segment at Progresif. 

DST’s Acting Chief Operating Officer Ang Kian Han added, “We live in an era where everything has to be fast, so we need to be up-to-date”. 

Since the onset of the pandemic broadband usage in Brunei is up 300%, with more people working and studying from home.