Brunei’s café scene welcomes a new arrival as renowned Taiwanese brand HWC Coffee unveils its first store in the country.  

Brunei’s coffee enthusiasts can now indulge in HWC Coffee’s signature “EspressSoul” premium quality coffee, and experience the unique coffee culture that has gained them an international following.

Photo: The Scoop

HWC Coffee is not just a destination for a caffeine fix; it’s an immersive sensory experience. From the enticing aroma that awakens your senses to the perfectly balanced acidity of their expertly roasted beans, HWC Coffee strives to deliver an unparalleled coffee journey that pleases both the palate and the soul. The brand’s passion for the art of coffee-making is palpable, and it’s evident in every cup they serve. 

The HWC team at the launch of the new café in Batu Bersurat. Photo: The Scoop

Their unique selling point to HWC Coffee is their specialty grade beans, said HWC Brunei General Manager Klaus Sim. Compared to many other cafes, HWC Coffee exclusively uses HWC’s signature 91-point specialty coffee beans. Plans are also in the works to introduce 92-point specialty coffee beans in the near future.

“We chose HWC Coffee because we believe in the brand. The specialty coffee scene in Brunei is rapidly growing. We conducted extensive research before our opening and discovered over 60 cafes selling espresso-based coffee, indicating the immense potential,” he said.

He added that HWC Brunei is not limiting its franchise to just one shop. “Our plans include expanding to 5-6 stores within two years,” he added.

Choose from premium quality beverages and a selection of pastries at HWC Coffee’s flagship store at The Curve, Batu Bersurat Complex. Photo: The Scoop

The menu at HWC Coffee boasts an impressive selection of beverages, meticulously crafted to cater to diverse preferences. Recognising the sophistication of local taste, HWC Coffee has also carefully sourced the finest milk to perfectly complement its products, ensuring an authentic and satisfying experience for Bruneian coffee lovers.

Treat yourselves to delectable pastries and coffee at HWC Coffee flagship store at The Curve, Batu Bersurat Complex. Photo: The Scoop

Among customer favourites are the Triple Champion Brown Sugar Bubble Caffe Latte, Lemon Coffee, Latte, Americano, and Caramel Macchiato. 

HWC Coffee’s flagship store in Brunei is located at Unit 5, Ground Floor, Block D, The Curve Complex, Batu Bersurat. Doors open daily from 7.30 am to 11 pm, inviting patrons to experience the exceptional flavours and craftsmanship that HWC Coffee is renowned for.

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